Experience the Play and Earn Ecosystem with House of Slots – Win USDC!

• ChainwireMassive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate, will launch the global social casino slot game House of Slots in March 2023.
• Before and after launch, tokens, airdrops, and game NFT free minting will be included in House of Slots.
• Global users can play various social casino games for free and earn USDC with specific goods provided by the game.

Chainwire Massive Gaming Launching House of Slots

ChainwireMassive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate, is set to launch its global social casino slot game House of Slots in March 2023. The game intends to provide users with an opportunity to experience its Play and Earn ecosystem before launch. It will offer over 80 different social casino slot machine games as well as a realistic and fair gaming experience.

Tokens, Airdrops & Game NFT Free Minting

House of Slots has incorporated tokens, airdrops and game NFT free minting before and after its launch. Through the Web3-based Play and Earn system, users are able to unlock rewards in the decentralized economy that give them the chance to own more value within the game itself. An airdrop event is scheduled before the launch with user reward events continuing afterwards; links to these can be found on Gleam while information can be received through Discord, Twitter or Telegram communities. In order for rewards to be received users must install an IntellaX wallet which can either be done through simple login registration or by linking their email address. Additionally there are extra benefits through mission play with those owning an NFT receiving exclusive rewards upon opening it up.

Adoption of Stable USDC

The most prominent aspect of this project is its adoption of stable USDC which is fixed at the value of one US dollar; this allows users from around the world to play various social casino games for free whilst being rewarded with specific goods from within the game itself in USDC! This prevents any decline in value that has been seen previously within Web3-based games due to their nature.

Building Up A Community

Whilst slots may traditionally be thought as individualistic activities we have built up an engaging community around our product! Players are encouraged to join our discord server where they can share stories about their big wins but also learn more about upcoming events through our Medium page too!

Play And Earn System

As mentioned previously users are able to benefit from House of Slot’s Play and Earn system where they will receive payments in USD Coin (USDC) when certain tasks have been completed successfully. This not only provides players with greater ownership over their values but also keeps them engaged due to the competitive rewards available!