Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies

Independent Institue for Administration and Civil Society Studies (IIACSS)

IIACSS has invested its experience in working in hot zone areas of Iraq to do research in the most difficult countries in the Arab region, it has the experience and capacity to conduct Quantitative and Qualitative research in Syria, Jordan , Yemen and Libya. IIACSS has dedicated teams that can cover both Urban and Rural areas in all these countries. IIACSS conducted number of surveys in Libya and was amongst the first firms which conducted public opinion surveys in this country.IIACSS is the pioneer public opinion and marketing research company in Iraq and among the biggest Arab companies. IIACSS's leading team conducted the first ever public opinion survey in Iraq history. Since May 2003 IIACSS has conducted hundreds of public opinion surveys, 200 focus groups and other research for international professional clients. IIACSS covers all Iraq provinces, cities and rural areas through its widespread network and through its 5 regional offices in Baghdad, Basrah, Babylon, Sulaymania and Erbil. The team leaders, researchers, interviewers, moderators and data processing workers are very well trained and of excellent experience who have been trained both inside and outside Iraq to meet the highest international standards in the field. Since then, IIACSS has conducted 1,500,000+ interviews in Iraq – most polls conducted nationwide (both urban and rural). IIACSS has also developed a qualitative research team that conducts focus groups for marketing, social, and political research. US department of state, US department of defense,USAID,UN ,UK ministry of defense , UK FCO , EU,University of Maryland, Yale University and many other international institutions are among those who received and appreciated IIACSS research.

Since 2014, IIACSS focused more on investigating the reasons behind the sudden apprise of ISIL in Sunni’s areas in Iraq and the public opinion toward it. Four public opinion surveys plus qualitative research have been conducted in ISIL controlled areas. Some of these research have been published and presented in the Washington Post, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Center of Strategic and International Studies (Washington), Freedom House (Washington) and King’s College.

IIACSS has the membership of Gallup international since 2005, IIACSS is the sole representative of Iraq in the esteem association of Gallup International, ESOMAR, Arab Barometer and World Values Surveys.

Scientific Lead Iraq and Libya:

Dr Munqith Dagher

Dr Munqith Dagher

  Independent Institute for Administration 
and Civil Society Studies
  Scientific Lead Iraq and Libya 
  Tel:  +962 (0)65-333-524

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