Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquee pour le Development

Centre De Rechereche en Economie Appliquee pour le Development (CREAD)

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The CREAD undertakes other activities such as: periodic organization of internal study sessions, organization of international and national events such as seminars, workshops and others, active participation of the researchers of the Centre in international and national conferences, round tables, expert panels and others. The CREAD publishes a quarterly review (Les Cahiers du CREAD) with international reading panel and regular quarterly publication including, in each number, 10 to 20 papers produced by the permanent and associated researchers having research projects financed by the Centre as well as other academics institutions.Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquee pour le Development is a public entity of scientific and technical nature, established in 1985. The CREAD is located in Bouzaréa (district of the Western periphery of Algiers) from approximately 20 km of the Algiers airport. It has a building of an about sixty offices within the Bouzaréa Social Sciences University. 30 permanent researchers and about 60 associated researchers, located mainly in the Algerian universities but also in the companies and the institutions of State, work with the CREAD.The Centre has 24 on-going research projects and some 20 others in different phases of negotiation. The CREAD carries out also several studies concerning the technical responsibilities of the Centre in the field of research for national and foreign institutions within the framework of agreements and contracts.

Scientific Lead Algeria: Algeria Flag

Professor Abdel Nasser Djabi

Professor Abdel Nasser Djabi

Scientific Lead Algeria 
Centre De Rechereche en Economie
Appliquee Pour le Development (CREAD)
Email:   abdenasserdjabi@yahoo.fr

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