Baseera - Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research

Baseera - Egyptian Centre of Public Opinion Research

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera); is an independent and nonpartisan organization for evidence based public opinion research. Established on April, 2012 in the aftermath of the 25th of January revolution, Baseera is committed to providing researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and the general public with reliable information on public attitudes and trends concerning influential policy matters.

Baseera offers public opinion research relying on a variety of data collection and data processing tools including field, telephone, and focus groups services.

Our vision is to provide high quality, reliable research based on robust data in both a timely and cost- effective manner. At Baseera, there is a serious dedication to provide insightful advice and rigorous data for all our beneficiaries.

Baseera provides a comprehensive toolbox of outputs on both a supply and demand driven basis. For the demand driven polls, Baseera can design tailor-made polls to any of its beneficiaries or clients based on the condition that the funding of the poll is publically announced to ensure transparency and credibility of the center.

In its endeavor to advance the use of public opinion research, Baseera abides by the ethical practices governing the public opinion research worldwide. Adherence to these principles is deemed necessary to maintain confidence and credibility of the organization.

As a maturing organization, Baseera brings together a working team of eleven; including both research and supporting staff. It can also rely on non-permanent staff and experts whenever needed after providing such staff with the necessary trainings.

Baseera enjoys a well-equipped premise providing its staff with easy access to auxiliary services, including mail services, printing services, telecommunications services, audio visual services, necessary statistical packages including SPSS in addition to a training room for delivering necessary trainings to its permanent and non-permanent staff.

Additionally, Baseera has a strategic alliance with one of the well-established call centers with around 50 working stations to undertake telephone opinion polling in the case of telephone polling. This allows the center to gather all data on the same day accomplishing an average of 2000 calls per day.

Furthermore, Baseera maintains a strategic alliance with "Al-Masry Al-Youm Foundation", a prominent independent daily newspaper that allows a room for Baseera to publish its findings in a way that informs citizens about main policy issues.

Scientific Lead Egypt:

Professor Magued Osman

Professor Magued Osman

 Baseera - Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research
 Scientific Lead Egypt 
 Tel:  +202 3345 1395

Secondary Baseera Contact:

Hanan Grigis Profile Photo

Hanan Girgis

 Baseera - Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research
 Team Expert

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