Partners from the region

The consortium of ArabTrans has wide and deep experience in comparative survey research on political and social transformations in general and on processes of democratization in particular since many years.

Some of the ArabTrans partners started their cooperation as early as 1991, introducing or taking part in major comparative survey projects, including Arab-, Afro- and Eurasia Barometer, New Democracies Barometer, World Values Survey.

All these surveys on social and political transformations in general and on democratization in particular in many new democracies of within the 3rd wave of democratization on the one hand and in many countries of the Arab World constitute an unique track record of academic survey research on political change and democratization, represented by the Arab Trans Consortium.

Partners from Europe

The project includes six partners from Arab countries. In each country the partner is a person or institution competent in survey analysis and in most cases represents the main experts in this field of research in those countries. The relationship between partners has been established through many years of collaboration on different projects and also through discussion and meeting in the context of a network of Arab- and AfroBarometer groups, as well as multiple international scientific bodies.

The partners represented in this project represent some of the main experts in this field and are drawn from major national academic institutions in each country. The co-ordinators have extensive experience of comparative research in this region.

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